„Lost… somewhere… somehow… Found“

There are moments… moments in which straying around personally means a lot more than staying focused on things meant to function.

Moments in which you are lost somewhere… moments in which you are rethinking the good and bed of your daily routines… moments in which you are rethinking the good and bad private experiences… feeling lonely… feeling misunderstood … feeling lost… but you are still somehow aware, that the world around you is a place worth being in … a place you personally can change for the better… a place filled with people who are close… who know you… who are at your side… but still they are far away… lost in their own responsibilities, their own routines…


If possible, I try to live these strange moments somewhere between work-flow and time off to take my pipe and camera for a walk… visiting places … places which are personally meaning a lot… places you grew up with… places related to emotional experiences… places you always wanted to visit… but never did so. …

For sure… these are moments in which the strangest things will happen, …moments in which I personally reflect my surroundings and my very being, the environment I live in …trying to find at least some answers… trying to find balance…. and in result I see many things with different eyes. This is especially true, when you are hanging around in such partly undefined social spaces like the ones you can find in Berlin. A place lost somewhere between economic expectations, exaggerated cultural and social skills, a place redefining itself in an instant… endangered of loosing its past… neglecting its present… partly loosing its traditions, its true face and the balance between rough crudity and friendly/familiar neighborhoods. … heading for an „unknown“ thus predictable future… selling its soul for international money (and maybe heavenly embrace).

[…public authorities/companies „unintentionally“ selling the soul of Berlin to generate an exchangeable „bubble“. … „Be different… Be Berlin“, „Berlin City of Opportunities“,“Be open… be free… be Berlin“,“be prepared… be there be Berlin“ and „be Muslim, be Christ be Berlin“… are some of the phrases used to promote the place, thus they do not or only partly meet its soul. Thinking true „Berlin style“ an appropriate slogan would be an unfriendly „Kiss my ass… I am Berlin“… kind of schizophrenic thus quite close to the truth. A true Berlin soul is always non-committal or aggressively direct in case of first contact and would not expect any form of politeness. Thus it is friendly, open minded and emotional second hand … Never mind! I’m just rethinking a true Berlin soul. …].

"Schlesische Straße"
„Schlesische Straße“

I try to use these strange moments to breathe… the soul of specific places and situations, … in order to redefine myself… in order to define the ground I’m standing on… to reflect positive and negative experiences… to redefine and understand „my home“, „my self“.

One of my perceptions during a walk through the autum coloured city… even foreigners seem to grab the essence of life here … thus I’m still missing some appropriate translation… 😉

oil painting  at a wall of a subway station... Warschauer Straße
„oil painting at a wall of a subway station…“
"Do you see the light"
„Do you see the light“
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