Kieler Fragmente 1.1 – (Neuer) Botanischer Garten


In der Hektik des Alltags bleibt häufig so einiges auf der Strecke. Mit wenig „Ruhe im Nacken“ an dieser Stelle ein paar Impressionen aus dem (neuen) Botanischen Garten der CAU Kiel.

Querschnitt - View
Querschnitt – View
gefangen / stuck
gefangen / stuck

Irgendwo im Stadtraum Kiels, gefangen zwischen Schnellstraßen und peripheren universitären Campus-Infratrukturen findet sich eine Oase, ein Ausstellungsraum, ein Erfahrungsraum, ein Erlebnisraum.

sculputres - what is art? ("Iss das Kunst oder  kann das weg?")
sculputres – what is art? („Iss das Kunst oder kann das weg?“)
Strukturen und Natur (sculptures and nature)
Strukturen und Natur (structures and nature)

Some words in English:
Welcome to Kiel!!!

The capital of Schleswig-Holstein, a city known for… maritim sports, military, shipyards, shopping centres, federal state government infrastructures, university and port infrastructures… well I guess that’s basically it. A city boosted through „military necissities“, which suffered during WKII (bombing), a city which is branded through the ideals and continious repoduction of early post-war town-planning philosophy, a city which can be described as „ideal of an car oriented development“ in a German context. A city still in search of its own definition, its origin, its genius loci, stuck between rural and urban influences, a city which is trying to create itself, tending to focus on the known expressions of a „copy-paste-society“.

Getting to know Kiel means leaving the trails offered by the local tourist agency, proclaiming the image of „Kiel Sailing City“, it means taking a closer look beside known and suggested paths, it means searching the beauty of the lost, it means searching the beauty of the detail.

The pictures presented withhin this article where taken with a Canon 400D at the botanical garden of Christian-Albrechts-University during an excursion in spring 2015. I was quite overwhelmed by the emotions and beauty of this place, which can not be described otherwise than „a place stuck between highways and secluded university infrastructures“. Do not expect to find any information in ENGLISH on the websites of the city or the university. Even though we’re stuck in 2015 no one seems to see a necessity in translating these basic information.

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